AAB students distributed gifts to SOS village children in Pristina

9 January 2020

Debate Club of the students of the Faculty of Social Sciences, together with Prof. Arbërore Bicaj, in honor of the year-end holidays, paid a humanitarian visit to SOS Children’s Village in Prishtina, distributing gifts to the children of this center.

During this visit they had the opportunity to look closely at the conditions of the SOS village and get the necessary information from the very competent and professional management staff of this center. The information was about the functioning of the center, starting with the children involved, the aspect of socialization, rehabilitation and care for abandoned children or without parental support.

This center mainly houses infants, those in their early childhood and abandoned minors. These children within the SOS village lead a family life, and eight SOS mothers work with them (hereinafter referred to as the ladies who take care of these children). Each SOS mother cares for 6 children while living in private homes.

The expenditures of these SOS mothers and children are covered by a Norwegian association. In addition, 4 SOS aunts have been tasked with caring for children within the SOS village, where each SOS aunt takes care of 2 children as a substitute SOS mother.

All procedures, from the admission of children to the SOS village to child adoption cases and various legal and procedural cases are addressed and handled by the Center for Social Work.