AAB students in Ferizaj had a debate on topic: whether leaders are born or created!

24 February 2017
Within the traditional activity “AAB Debates” at AAB College, in Ferizaj campus, a debate was held on the theme “Leaders are born or created”.
The debate, which was conducted in English, took place between two groups of students, or the Faculty of English Language and Faculty of Economics.
Students of economics: Lumbardh Maloku, Mimoza Bakiu, Ardit Ibrahimi, Dardan Avdyli and Fortuna Thaçi  said that the leaders are created, whereas  students of the Faculty of English Language: Gentian Elezi, Besim Qerimi, Ariana Bajrami, Ardian Shabani, Burim Metushi, were strongly convinced  that leaders are born.
Students of both faculties enriched the debate with a presentation of the facts and arguments of both theories.
Director of the branch, Medain Hashani, explained the importance of establishing this activity “AAB a debates”, and said that such activities on various topics will be planned to held every month.