AAB students could do internships in the Ministry of Finance

27 April 2016

 Faculty of Economics of the AAB College has signed a memorandum of agreement with the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kosovo, in order to engage students to carry out practical work in this institution and agencies that are subordinate to the ministry for the promotion of vocational students.

“The Ministry of Finance will take five students in practical work every three months or 15 students per year from AAB” he said.

According to him, students will carry out practical work on a quarterly basis will be from the following areas: the economy (all directions), legal management and computer science.

“The panel itself will select the students, and will provide the Ministry of Finance selected list every three months. Selection of students should be based on GPA, and should be the second year of finishing bachelor, “said Krasniqi, who considers that this step it is done to create the conditions for further development of the system Higher education in Kosovo.

While u.d. Dean of the Faculty of Economics of AAB, Medain Hashani said that the Ministry of Finance with this agreement demonstrates the positive and non-discriminatory access to non-public institutions and it is a good opportunity for students to transfer their theoretical knowledge in practice.

The agreement was signed at the premises of MF, Medain Hashani who is Dean of the Faculty of Economics of AAB, and Deputy Minister of Finance, Agim Krasniqi.