AAB students of the Faculty of Economics visit local beverage company “Fluidi”

24 December 2019

As part of the study visits in the industry, AAB College students of the Faculty of Economics visited the beverage production company “Fluidi”.

The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted closely with the way a company is managed, the challenges and advantages we face in launching a new business, manufacturing and launching a product in the market.

On behalf of the company “Fluid”, the students were addressed by Mr. Shqiprim Mustafa, who spoke about the journey of this successful company.

Students, among other things, received information about the production aspect, the way the machinery was maintained, managed, and the products they produced. They also raised important issues for discussion through questions. One of the topics of interest was the process and production management, where the speaker identified it as a key factor in dominating the market, especially when products are of high quality and consumers trust the enterprise and its products.

Such student study visits will continue with increased intensity in order for the students to gain direct familiarity with the labor market and industry, in addition to the theoretical part taught at the faculty.