AAB students visit Learning and Counseling Resource Center “Lef Nosi” in Prizren

24 December 2019

Student members of the Debate Club from Faculty of Social Sciences, who are part of the AAB College’s Children Support and Welfare program, together with Prof. Ass. Dr. Violeta Buza visited the Lef Nosi Learning and Counseling Resource Center in Prizren.

The visit was led by a math teacher who is a quality coordinator at this educational center, Ms. Myzafere Gashi, who informed the students about the work being done at this center with children who have intellectual and/or other impairments.

The center offers tutoring for people with disabilities, especially children with severe impairments. The center includes 63 children, 28 of whom are offered boarding services. The level of education starts from the first grade until the completion of the upper secondary school, with special emphasis on agriculture.

Teaching is conducted the same as in all Kosovo schools based on the curriculum document, with one difference: Lef Nosi adapts to each student’s individual needs and works on an individual plan for each child which is then reviewed twice a year.

During the visit, the students had the opportunity to take a closer look at some of the classrooms where the students were attending classes, where the trainees were able to acquire skills for life and general knowledge in various subject areas.

Students also visited the dormitory, the kitchen, the sensor room and the nursery with the students in cooperation with the teachers.

The visit to the Learning and Counseling Resource Center “Lef Nosi” in Prizren was very useful for the students as they received a lot of information about the hard work done by the staff in order for the children to achieve success in life.