AAB students visit “Xheladin Deda” Learning and Counseling Resource Center in Peja

17 December 2019

Debate club members of AAB College’s Faculty of Social Sciences Support and Child Welfare program, along with Prof. Ass. Dr. Violeta Buza visited the Xheladin Deda Learning and Counseling Resource Center in Peja.

They were received by the director of the Center Xhevat Kastrati and other teachers.

This center provides tutoring for people with special needs or multiple impairments, and in particular for people with visual impairments.

The learning process is the same as in all schools in Kosovo, but adapts to the needs of each student. The level of education starts from preschool until the end of upper secondary school.

During the study visit, students had the opportunity to visit the dark room, the physical education room, the art cabinet, the music cabinet, and some of the classrooms where students attend classes.

Teacher of Physical Education, Prof. Agim Bajrami briefed the students on the tools needed for a blind person (the white stick), and the tools needed to develop a classroom: the bell, the glasses and the quiet.

Students also visited the cabinets of art classes, where they had the opportunity to see closely the working tools and instruments used, as well as to follow the work of the attendees of this center.

They also visited a class that was attended by five children of mixed grades from first grade to fifth grade. The teacher told the students about the individual work with each of the children and their achieved success. The children were taught in different methods, with texts where the characters were enlarged as needed, the use of the computer to enlarge the letters for children with poor eyesight, and the use of Braille alphabets for children who had no eyesight. 

The visit to the “Xheladin Deda” Learning and Counseling Resource Center in Peja was very useful for the AAB students as they received a lot of information about the work done by the staff so that the children could achieve success.