AAB Theatre “Faruk Begolli” gave the premiere of the play “To Hillary for tea”

31 May 2016

For only three months at AAB Theatre “Faruk Begolli” have been produced three theatrical productions: “Professor, I’m talent …” directed by Luan Daka, “Two dreaming mammals” by Melihate Qena the director, and last night it was given the premiere of the show “To Hillary for tea, “directed by Burbuqe Berisha and with the script by John Mucci.

In this play starred:  Shengyl Ismail and Rabije Rozi- Kryeziu; a consultant of music: TrimorDhomi; costume designer Linda Metaj – Tafa; set designer: Yll Selmani; choreographer: Rudina Berdynaj- Jakupi; director of lights: Asllan Hyseni, while the text was translated from English by Gazmend Bërlajolli.

AAB Theatre “Faruk Begolli” with premiere performances will end up the summer season, to start again in September with new productions. “For being a new theater this can be considered as arecord number of productions, while September will come up with new names of directors, actors, set designers etc. “Said the director Burbuqe Breisha, adding that AAB Theatre” Faruk Begolli “will be the home of all of those who produce and consume theater .