AAB’s lecturer, Aida Alla defended her doctorate at the University of Tirana

8 November 2017

At the Department of English Language, the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​at the Public University of Tirana, the lecturer of the English Language Faculty at AAB College, Aida Alla, received the academic degree: Doctor in Linguistics.

Aida Alla, in front of the commission with: Prof. dr. Elida Tabaku – chairwoman, and four other members: prof. dr. Shpresa Rira, prof. asoc. dr. Mirela Papa, prof. dr. Brikena Kadzadej and prof. asoc. sr. Alma Pinari, successfully defended her doctoral dissertation on “Equivalence aspects in contemporary children’s literature translation by Amik Kasoruho”.

Finally, the commission evaluated the dissertation with the highest grade, which meets all the conditions for the scientific degree: Doctor in Linguistics.

Aida Alla, a regular lecturer at AAB College, has participated in several scientific conferences, symposiums, etc., as well as in other activities of relevance to the linguistics.