AABtalks: Lorik Cana: “I have made my choice. I stopped playing football! “

11 April 2017

Former captain of Albanian national team and world popular player Lorik Cana, was the next guest speaker to AABtalks, where in front of AAB College students, confessed about the  his career and the difficulties he faced with along his way, up to the climax of his sport career. He talked about his relationship with Kosovo and Albania,about the football as well as his future plans, emphasising also his foundation, “Lorik Cana 5”.

To the question whether his active career in football is being over, Cana confirmed for AAB’s students that he has already been determined for the rest of the career: “I stopped playing football. I have not officially annaunced , but I have made the choice and I am about to stop playing after EURO 2016. Due to some health problems and I am no longer allowed to practice sport at a high level.Cana added that he is focused on his development as a coach and sports manager.

Cana has been asked whether he would replace the coach of Kosovo’s representative, Albert Bunjaku, if he would be given such an offer despite the fact that he might not be well accepted by “Dardanians”.Cana said he is Dardan himself. “I am part of Dardanians, implying that in the future he may accept this duty.

The debate ended  with the questions of AAB College students addressed to Lorik Cana. Among other things, he also responded to the incident of the match against Serbia, when he said that his reaction was completely spontaneous: “On the field we are like brothers and  protecting your brothers  during the strike is the most natural thing that should be done”.

Albanian football star, took part in the sharing of AAB Cup, in the tournament in futsal, organized for graduates of secondary schools in Kosovo from AAB College, where in the final triumphed the graduates of high school ‘ Isa Boletini “from Podujevo against the graduates of the School ” Hivzi Sulejmani “from Kosovo Polje.Whereas at the third place was ranked the “MIXE” school from Kamenica.