Alban Kastrati holds lecture for journalism students on the topic “PR in Practice”

22 May 2019

The students of the Faculty of Mass Communication today had the opportunity to attend a special lecture held by one of the managers of the Republika Communications Agency and Sunny Hill Fesival, Alban Kastrati.

Kastrati, while speaking of his professional experience, explained to the students the importance of this profession that is highly sought after around the world.

Kastrati gave some examples that make a PR person wanted in the market. He said that the relationship with the people and the creation of new contacts is one of the main points. He also gave some concrete examples that make news important when they are published in social media.

“PR is divided into two main pillars, the company’s internal and external communication with the public. Every company should have a clear vision of what it wants to be, and what it wants publicized for all to see. What makes the news published on social media important is how the news are written and how they are presented to the outside audience” said Kastrati.

Kastrati calls the Sunny Hill festival a success story, not only of the company but also of PR in the country. He also spoke in great length about how the Sunny Hill Festival was organized and what techniques and tools were used to achieve international success.

The lecture was an interactive one, and the students were interested in many issues regarding this activity. Finally, Kastrati urged students to become accessible, communicative and well acquainted with the nature of work in order to be successful at PR. He also suggested them to engage in volunteer work as this helps in developing communication and management skills.