Albulena Sula: came as a student at AAB College and now continues to work as part of the professional staff

25 June 2019

AAB College, the largest non-public institution of higher education in the country and the region, has for many years maintained the record of educational institutions in employment of graduate students in the programs it offers.

Albulena Sula from the Presevo Valley, who graduated from the Faculty of Mass Communication at AAB College, tells us more about her studies and her work as part of AAB staff.

“Studying at AAB College is both an honor and the right choice. I came from the Presevo Valley just to be a student of the best College in the region. During my studies, I have proved that in AAB College there has never been a lack of quality during the studies” says Albulena.

At AAB College, students are prepared to easily access the job market, says Albulena and shows that the academic staff at the Faculty of Mass Communication where she graduated, were more than prepared for any task and thanks to them and the college’s services, students can now finish their practical work in many different institutions.

“This experience gained during studies and internships has enabled me to be part of AAB College staff today” says Albulena.

Albulena encourages young students and those seeking to study journalism to join AAB College if they want to develop professionally.