Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia delivers lecture for the students of AAB College

13 November 2019

During the special lectures with foreign diplomats for the students of Political Science and Diplomacy of AAB College, today’s guest was the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia, Bojan Bertoncelj.

In this lecture, he spoke about Slovenian foreign policy and compared it with the political developments in our country.

“There are some similarities between Slovenia and Kosovo, not only in geographical size but also in our history and system of life. However, there are no political parties in our country that are trying to change or expand Slovenia’s territory for the time being. Our country is composed of 14 ministries in total, and I think each country is responsible for establishing its mission of leadership” the Slovenian ambassador said.

The Slovenian state shares a lot of similarities in its religious beliefs and language with the Croatian state and has a budget ten times larger than Kosovo’s.