With Annual exhibition of students and other artistic activities the Faculty of Arts and Architecture successfully ended up the academic year 2015/16

10 June 2016

In the premises of the “Faruk Begolli” Theatre,at AAB College in Pristina, with the opening of the collective traditional promotion of two books and with an artistic program, students of both levels of study at the Faculty of Architecture and Arts of AAB College ended up their activities for this academic year.In this exhibition, students of the Faculty of Architecture and Arts of this institution have exhibited works from all genres of visual arts, architecture, interior, graphic design, preparation of the book, the graphic advertising, illustration, graphic advertising, multimedia, files, painting, drawing, conceptual art, etc.

The curator of traditional students’ exhibition, the tenth in time, is prof. Fitim Aliu, while it was opened by Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Professor Shemsedin Vehapi and professor Shyqeri  Nimani.

Also, within this activity, The Publishing House AAB and the Faculty of Musicology, promoted two new titles of books in the field of music of both teachers of the Faculty of Music at AAB College: “Introduction and contrary instrumental” by Kushtrim  Jakupi, the reviewer dr. Adhurim Rasimi and prof. Comp. Isak Jakupi, and “Singing choral music in overall education”, by Adhurim Rasimi, with reviewers prof. dr. Besa Luzha and mr. sc. Violeta Krasniqi.

Within this activity was given an artistic program with the selected musical items, performed by students of the Faculty of Musicology of AAB College and “AAB Choir” in collaboration with the School of Music in Gjilan, and with interpretations in piano, flute, guitar and animation videos.

Also, it promoted the catalog, which is summarized by students’ works from this exhibition.

The exhibition is open to all who want to visit the object III, at AAB College.