Another AAB College record – nearly half of AAB’s academic staff are female

1 October 2019

It is no news to anyone that AAB College is the largest non-public higher education institution in the country, with the most accredited programs, study facilities on European-level campuses, advanced technology and laboratories. These are visible testimonials that are familiar to anyone who has ever come to AAB.

But what makes AAB college different compared to all other educational institutions in Kosovo is the commitment to overcome the gender differences which, unfortunately, still remain in our country.

In addition to the fact that out of the total number of AAB students which exceeds 20,000, about 60% of them are female, AAB continues to be committed to having as many employees as possible that belong to the female gender. For example, in the student service sector, in all three branches of AAB College, 90% of employees are female, and they all have completed their studies in this here.

On the other hand, what makes AAB College proud is the inclusion of women in the academic sector. According to a recent survey, based on data from the Kosovo Agency of Statistics, AAB College holds the record in female inclusion in academia.

The data show that in Kosovo level, the inclusion of women in this sector is 32.45%, while in AAB College around 46% of the academic staff is female.

This new record of AAB College is followed by a notable difference in inclusion from the University of Gjakova (about 38%), the University of Prishtina (about 36%), and so on. 

Other non-public higher education institutions, in this respect, have a lot to be desired, because if gender equality is mentioned in the sector, referring to the Kosovo Agency of Statistics, the inclusion of women in them is barely 24%, at best, and in some cases, it barely exceeds 10%.

The data presented makes AAB College’s commitment to the community even clearer, not least the fact that in the last three years alone AAB has helped and supported dozens of Bachelor and Master female graduates to continue their journey towards a doctorate degree.