Argnesa, Author of the show on DTV

24 June 2020

“Stay Cool” on DTV, the authentional show of AAB student, Argnesa Abdixhiku Argnesa Abdixhiku, a student of the Faculty of Mass Communications at AAAB College is also one of our students who has started a professional career in the media. She has already been hired on DTV and is the author of the youth show “Stay Cool”. Argnesa who has started realization of her authentional show, where she will address topics that are mainly related to show-biz, says this is a very good opportunity to because it will try to be original and bring something different and more attractive to television. Her engagement to DTV, Argnesa sees as a result of her studies at AAB College, for which she says she has helped her a lot: ” AAAB has helped me a lot on this journey that I have just started, because it offers you all the opportunities for professional preparation “, she says. But, Argnesa also has a message for all those who aim to enter the field of media and journalism: ” Those who aim to study journalism, I tell you that first have to choose the faculty where all opportunities will be offered, and they only find this at AAB College. But even not to surrender and persistent on achieving their goals, because nothing is impossible “.