Association of women Police of Kosovo honored with recognition AAB College

7 June 2016

Collaboration, support and progress of the women profile in the Kosovo police are the grounds on which the Association of Women in Kosovo Police has honored AAB College with special recognition.

Both institutions have excellent cooperation in many fields, the results of which Colonel Taibe Canolli, the president of the Association of Women in Kosovo Police today handed an appreciationto Rector of AAB College prof. dr. LulzimTafa.

Dr. Tafa applauded the decision of the association and said that AAB will further continue to offer support for SHGPK’s.

“We will continue with financial relief for SHGPK’s members and their families in all bachelor and master programs, and that, regardless of ethnicity,” said Rector Tafa.

On the other side, the president of SHGPK’s Colonel Taibe Canolli was pleased and honored to cooperate with AAB College and handedthat appreciationto it. She also thanked the Rector Tafa for education and advancement of women’s of SHGPK.