Behar Bunjaku’s Diploma of AAB College is recognized In Sweden

29 August 2022

The success of studies at AAB College, except at national level, continues to be appreciated internationally, proving so the leader in education.

Recently, Behar Bunjaku, a student from the English Language Faculty of AAB College, has been informed that his BA degree has been recognized by (UHR) the Swedish University Council. Meanwhile, for his study experience, he is proud and grateful to AAB College.

“I am very proud of the assessment made by the Swedish country by recognizing the degree of AAB College in Sweden as valid. My overall experience has been beneficial because of the academic staff and the quality teaching I attended during my studies. Whereas, my message is to always fight for good things by insisting on adequate infrastructure and studies”, he said.

After the success of his studies at AAB, Behar plans to continue his studies in the IT department as a system developer in Sweden.