Bjondina Graicevci, Student Of The Faculty Of English Language Is Employed In The Company “Alexander Chapman”

22 September 2021

Bjondina Graicevci, a third year student at the Faculty of English at AAB College, is employed by the Alexander Chapman Company, Pristina branch, through a call announced by this company, who are looking to increase their human capacity.

Alexander Chapman is an international company headquartered in London, which deals exclusively with staff recruitment for financial institutions in the United States.

Bjondina is a recruitment consultant.

She appreciates the commitment of AAB College that in addition to academic preparation, helps students in the most professional preparation for the labor market. The Faculty of English Language, AAB College and Alexander Chapman Company will soon expand their collaboration with informative activities and roundtables aimed at informing current students to be more successful in the job market, where English is a prerequisite.