Blerim Olluri receives the position of Rector of AAB College

4 March 2024

Today at AAB College, Dr. Blerim Olluri received the position of Rector of AAB College.

The duty was handed over to him by the current Rector, Dr. Lulzim Tafa, who on this occasion wished success on behalf of the institution, the Governing Council and all the staff of AAB College.

Rector Olluri expressed that he is honored for the opportunity given, as he added that he feels privileged to hold this position in the most credible and advanced institution of higher education in Kosovo and abroad.

The current Rector, Prof. Lulzim Tafa and his colleagues congratulated the new Rector, assuring him that he will have the support of all the staff of AAB College, in fulfilling his objectives, presented to the Governing Council of AAB College.