Bujar Demjaha appointed Rector of AAB College

16 January 2020

The Board of Directors of AAB College, the highest governing body of the institution, based on its competencies has today appointed Bujar Demjaha to the position of Rector of AAB College.

Demjaha will succeed the current rector, Lulzim Tafa, who, after the end of his second term in the rectorial post, was appointed Chairman of the Governing Council by a majority vote.

Bujar Demjaha, is a well-known name in the world of academia in Kosovo and beyond, specializing in the field of architecture and urbanism. He completed his doctorate in architecture at the University of Sarajevo, and received his doctorate of science at the Vienna University of Technology, in the field of architecture and spatial planning.

In addition to his academic engagement as a professor of architecture at AAB College, the University of Prishtina and the State University of Tetova, Demjaha has also held important public positions as: Director of Urban and Regional Planning at the Provisional Government of Kosovo, Chief of Technology MEST Section, Integrated Planning Project Coordinator at MCYS, and dozens of other positions.

He has published dozens of books, monographs and scientific papers in prestigious scientific journals. Demjaha is the winner of several international awards in the field of architecture, including the first prize for the Adem Jashari Memorial Complex in Prekaz. He has implemented hundreds of architectural projects for various school, artistic, administrative, sporting facilities, and has contributed to dozens of projects of conservation and restoration of old buildings in Kosovo.

The objectives of the new rector, in addition to the further development of the largest non-public higher education institution in the country, will also be the internationalization of AAB College.