The businessman Ramiz Kelmendi: “It it required to have your own original ideas and projects being a successful businessman”

19 November 2015

On the occasion of Global Entrepreneurship Week, the American Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with AAB College organized the event Speaker Series” (a series of lectures), presenting famous local entrepreneurs, from the region and beyond, to the students of Faculty of Economics.

In the first meeting of this cycle, in front of the students of the Faculty of Economics of AAB College the most successful Kosovan businessman Mr. Ramiz Kelmendi, from the company ELKOS Group delivered a speech. He spoke about his journey in business, establishment and development of his company “ELKOS Group”. He mentioned the challenges that he went through, until the development of his company “ELKOS Group” to the level of nowadays  , but also for the operation and the business plan for the next five years.

Mr. Kelmendi suggested that the students shall have original ideas and projects, because, according to him, this is the only way  to become successful businessmen in the future, noting that also technology is also affecting the decline of labour demands, but that should be on the cutting edge.”Kosovo has about 320 thousand registered employees, but has 1.1 million who are able to work. 82 thousand are employed in the public sector, and can only be replaced by someone unless they will be retired. Most financial institutions are reducing its staff because they are integrating the technology function. So you must be on the cutting edge and have your own ideas”, said Kelmendi.

During this lecture, he also took e few examples of how some of the economies, due to the current trends, most of the successful ones have ceased to exist. He made some suggestions on how students can be successful as future businessmen. At the end of the lecture there was a debate, where the businessman Ramiz Kelmendi answered the questions made by the students.