Call for student exchange through Erasmus+ at Newton University

26 February 2024

​The call for application has been opened for students of the Faculty of Psychology and Economics (Management major) of bachelor level, for student exchange through the Erasmus+ project at Newton University in Prague, Czech Republic.

This exchange is made possible for one semester of studies, from September to February. Students must first apply by completing the following form:

The criteria for application are:

-Be a student in one of the faculties: Psychology and/or Economics (management course)

-Be in any of semesters 2-5 (semester 1 and 6 students cannot apply)

-Have an average grade of 9 or above

-Have proficiency of English language at level B2 and above

The application deadline is March 30, 2024, while only 2 students will be selected from this call. The student who meets the criteria must then apply to the Czech university system, in the following form: