Call for student project grants

15 December 2021

Dear students,

We would like to inform you that, in order to strengthen the role of students, increase extracurricular activities and enrich student life, AAB College is providing financial support for students through project grants.

All students of AAB College have the right to apply. The project must have a student leading the project and at least 3 students who will be part of the project.

In the following link you can find:

1) Call for application with relevant details and

2) Application Form

The virtual informative session will be held on 20.12.2021.

You will receive the details of the informative session in the following days via email.

During the informative session, you will be able to address any questions you may have regarding the application process.

You can send your questions in advance to: [email protected].

The deadline for submitting applications is 29.12.2021.

AAB College encourages you to apply!