Call for students of AAB College for exchange through Erasmus+ At SWPS University in Warsaw

1 March 2024
Call for AAB College students for exchange through ERASMUS+ at SWPS University in Warsaw

SWPS University in Poland within the Erasmus+ Program invites AAB College students to apply to the call for nominations for two semesters: winter and summer semester for the academic year 2024/2025.

Students from the BA level, semester 2-5, and the MA level, semester 1-3, are eligible to apply. Students are selected for one semester only and the number of students selected will be 6 for both semesters.

The application deadline is March 30, 2024. Interested students must first apply through the following form:


After applying, selected students send the nomination by email to: [email protected] , and must include the following information:

  1. name of the university
  2. the name of the student
  3. student’s email
  4. selected program
  5. semester (spring/fall)
  6. level of study

Students whose nominations are accepted will receive an email with all the information after the nomination period in May 2024. Their applications will be collected by the end of June. Please note that submitting a nomination for psychology courses does not guarantee a candidate’s acceptance as places are limited. Additional information will be provided to candidates in early May.

Important information: BA in Psychology is now offered on two different campuses: Wrocław and Warsaw (Warszawa). When nominating, please specify which campus the student prefers. If there is no preference, students will be assigned to the campus based on seat availability.

Programs and courses offered to exchange students in the following academic year:


  1. Psychology (Wrocław and Warsaw)
  2. English Studies, Bachelor (Warsaw)
  3. Management and Leadership (Warsaw)
  4. Design (School of Form, Warsaw)
  5. Graphic Design (Wrocław) – new course in English starting 2024/25


  1. Clinical Psychology (Warsaw)
  2. Psychology of Organization and Technology (Warsaw)
  3. English Studies (Warsaw)
  4. Management and Leadership (Warsaw)