For Students

For students

Dear students,

The staff of the Career Center at AAB College is ready to assist in your career development and provide services and resources for the professional preparation of current and graduate students. Career Center officials provide advice for both individuals and groups of students on topics related to their professional development, such as:

-Career exploration and development

-Writing resumes and cover letters

-Interviewing techniques and internship/job search strategies

-Networking and professional labels

-Career planning

-Developing soft and hard skills


Through career exploration, students come to know themselves and their needs and learn to research their profession. Research in various career fields expands students’ knowledge for various career opportunities, offers networking with professionals in certain areas of interest, and enables students to be more confident during the decision-making process.


In order for students to better understand the job market and master the skills needed for organizing and planning their professional career, the Career Center organizes numerous workshops, seminars, webinars, round tables, conferences, talks, etc.

Volunteer students

An excellent opportunity for students who want to be part of the team when organizing professional activities. The Career Center provides opportunities for current students to collaborate effectively as members of a team, to work independently and take on individual responsibilities for projects or tasks, and to effectively represent the Career Center before other students, academic units, the campus and employers.

Graduate students

One of the priorities of the Career Center is to maintain constant contact with graduate students so that they can be kept up to date and informed on opportunities such as employment, upcoming events, workshops, and seminars, all which are organized by AAB College.

Internships and job search

The Career Center assists students in internship and job search strategies by organizing workshops and/or seminars, sending job vacancy notices, and providing individual and group counseling in order to develop professional skills and abilities. Students’ participation in such activities expands their knowledge of the profession they wish to pursue in the future and helps them use the experience they have gained in their future career.

HAND SHAKING - Meeting of current students and graduate students

Collaboration and exchange of experiences play an important role during the career decision-making process. The Career Center offers opportunities for current and graduate students through various events such as round tables, webinars, and success stories where graduate students have a chance to talk about their achievements, challenges, opportunities, and benefits related to their professions in front of the current students.


The Career Center helps network students with employers. Employers are the friends of the Career Center who offer numerous opportunities for the development of students’ professional skills, while informing them about their successes and challenges as entrepreneurs and professionals via face-to-face meetings. Employers also provide practical work for students in relevant institutions, where they will have the opportunity to develop their professional skills by being mentored and monitored by employers in cooperation with the officials of the Career Center. This mutual cooperation will enable students to develop knowledge, skills and abilities, which will give them the tools they need to operate successfully in the global labor market.