AAB Alumni Association

AAB College Alumni Association is an organization that gathers all the graduates at the bachelor or master level. The purpose of this service is to link all generations of students to create continuous cooperation and establishing connections between alumni students, professors respective faculties, and the wider academic community.

Alumni service goals

  • to promote the existence, operation and meaning of Alumni Association
  • to connect former university students through alumni organizations
  • to create database for the graduates and their data to enable their penetration into the labor market
  • to build links between students, graduates and faculty staff of the university
  • to organize events, seminars, professional conferences and make professional advancement of graduates
  • to reinforce the reputation of the university by strengthening the reputation of graduates
  • to develop university cooperation with enterprises and institutions where our former students are engaged
  • participation in international professional and scientific exchange through the establishment of relations with alumni associations of the region and beyond
  • advancement of academic skills according to market requirements.

Our activities:

  • to allow all members the online registering, fast and efficient access to our information and mutual contacts
  • establishment of the Alumni Association magazine which will follow the current economic developments, projects in which is involved the University as well as scientific and professional achievements of its members
  • organizing of round tables, seminars and conferences where will be addressed economic and social issues
  • organizing of training programs and training of members of the Alumni Association in the context of better information on development trends and market demands
  • organizing of meetings of association’s members with current students, to convey their experiences
  • organizing of official meetings of Alumni Association (e.g. anniversaries, holidays and important dates)
  • establishment of the center for career monitoring, so that the members of Alumni Association, through mutual cooperation, to have access to information and on the opportunities for further trainings and applications on the positions that respond more to their qualifications and skills.


  • Member of AAB Alumni Association can become any AAB College graduate by completing the registration template.