Clinical Psychologists Arber Zeka and Granit Shatri discuss about “Psychology of prisoners and the criminal mind” at AAB College

15 May 2024
Clinical psychologists Arbër Zeka and Granit Shatri talk about "The psychology of prisoners and the criminal mind" at AAB College

Students of the Faculty of Psychology were part of the lecture with the two guests Arbër Zeka and Granit Shatri, both clinical psychologists, who addressed the topic “Prisoners’ psychology and the criminal mind”.

They spoke based on their experience as prison psychologists, showing numerous cases from their long experience in this field.

For the students, the guests explained the difference between forensic psychology and criminal psychology, principles and examples with concrete cases.

The lecture was very attractive for the students, who were active with questions and discussions, contributing specifically to being informed by the two psychologists about the selected topic.