College students of AAB marked the 1st of June, the International Children’s Day

1 June 2016

Faculty of Psychology and Social Sciences of AAB College organized a series of activities on the occasion of International Children’s Day – 1 June. Last week, academic staff and students of the Faculty of Psychology organized a week activity  “Rejoice mewith a toy”, while students of  Care and Welfare of the Child of the Faculty of Social Sciences opened the exhibition “A bit for us, but for them It means a lot”, where were presented recycled toys for children. These toys are made by above mentioned students. Collected toys, and gifts from both activities were collected in order be sent and to enjoy children in need.

Some of these toys collected by two events in question today were distributed to children and students of the school “Selman Riza” in FusheKosova. Also, two faculties of AAB College in cooperation with the school “Selman Riza” have organized other activities for children of preschool and school. Children of preschool age were engaged in various activities with drawings, while primary school children in joint educational entertaining games.

 Within the activity “Rejoice me with a toy”, students of the Faculty of Psychology yesterday delivered collected toys in the organization “Balkan Sunflowers”. The organization works with children of different communities, preschool and primary school. This has also supported the activities of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Within the activity “Rejoice me with a toy” important contribution also was given by students and staff of AAB of other faculties, with various gifts in the form of toys.

Psychology students with financial tools and clothing helped the family Kryeziu from Mleqan village of Malisheva. This initiative was a response of students to various calls to help Kryeziu family, which lives in very difficult economic conditions.