Coming first in humanitarian activities – AAB College – the largest blood donor amongst higher education institutions

26 February 2020

AAB College tops the list of higher education institutions nationwide in voluntary blood donation initiatives. Director of the Kosovo National Center for Blood Transfusion, Dr. Bukurije Zhubi today shared her gratitude to the Faculty of Nursing of AAB College and to the Vice-Dean of Shqipe Tahiri, in appreciation for the organization of all initiatives for voluntary blood donation.

“I can freely say that AAB College is the institution that takes the first place of all other educational institutions for blood donation and we are very pleased about this fact. So, we thank you very much for all the donations so far and we look forward to continuing this tradition with you.” said Zhubi. Whereas, Vice Dean Shqipe Tahiri said that the Faculty of Nursing at AAB College, since 2017 on the 10th day of January and May solidarized with the National Blood Transfusion Center, to donate blood to the needy and this tradition will continue.