Competition day is marked through a lecture to AAB College students

11 October 2023
Competition Day is marked through a lecture for the students of AAB College

To mark Competition Day at AAB College, a lecture was held for the students of the Faculty of Economics.

The head of the Competition Authority Commission Neime Binaku-Isufi, representative Adrian Mustafa and two experts from the European Union were present in this lecture.

The speakers focused on how the competition law works in Kosovo and what are the rules it follows, where through the marking of this day it was said that the aim is to promote the culture of free and effective competition in the market.

One of the main points was the benefit of the consumer during the implementation of the competition law, since in this way an equal market is achieved for them and for businesses.

At the end, the students presented their questions while they were invited to share their experiences in case of any irregularities or non-application of the competition law.