Computer Science students presented their semester works realized even in the projects!

2 June 2016

Students of the II and III year of the Faculty of Computer Science of AABCollegepresented their technology projects to all interested ones which were implemented within all the materials that have been developed in the summer semester 2015/16.

These kinds of projects were presented: the parking lot with electronic meter – designed with PLC, Arduino projects – one in which the photo sensor is changed by light intensity, Arduino – 2, through various inputs and Arduino -3 altered words, the button opens and closes the engine, while projects with NAO robot – NAO robots who are programmed with Python programming language to make the ‘Gangam Style’, and ‘Macarena ‘dancing and Yoga exercises, etc ..

Software projects – programming of the software applications,e-municipality  e-Healthcare, e-tourism, and management of cinemas through programming languages PHP and C #., Completed  projects which manage the sectors concerned in the form of software. Also it was introduced the 3D printer project – through which students have modeled adequate software with three-dimensional forms ready for printing.

During the presentation of these projects, besides the students and a large number of high school graduates and academic staff of the faculty were also present other faculties professors.

Students who participated in the realization of projects: Ndricim Miftari, Dardan Prebeza, Milot Shala, Shqiponja Ajeti, Marigona Krelani, Mimoza Sadiku, Fatos Sogojeva, Shpreson Koca, Arbnor, Arbon Qorri, Daut Krasniqi, Banush Dragusha, Nuredin Krasniqi, Bashkim Bajrami,Rina Doda, Leutrina Bajrami, and Edon Bublaku ,Diar Lushtaku.