The conference published scientific works, co-organizer of which was AAB College

5 October 2016

It was published collection of scientific papers presented at the International Scientific Conference organized by the University of Manchester “Alexander Xhuvani”, University of Florence and AAB College.

Scientific Conference on the theme “Literature and Media – a comparative perspective” was held in Elbasan on September 19 to 20. There were presented 30 works of researchers from Italy, Albania and Kosovo.

In the conference attended the Dean of Mass Communication and Journalism of AAB College, dr. sc. HasanSaliu, who was also a member of the Scientific Board of the conference, Dr. Ibrahim Berisha, as well as other lecturers of the faculty and other scholars from many co-organizer countries of the conference.

This was the fifth conference that the Faculty of Mass Communication and Journalism of AAB College organized, in the past four years.