Media between massive Information and public relations

Tiranë: 19.12.2016 - 19.12.2016

Type: National conference


Department of Journalism and Communication, University of Tirana and AAB College

Please, remember these important dates:

December the 5th, at 12:00, send an abstract of approximately 200 words.

December the 7th, scientific board will be inform interested parties about the status of the material,

December the 16th, send the full material on word, from 5-7 pages.

Abstract and other materials, please send to the responsible person of the conference

Lela Luku, email: [email protected]

We welcome your involvement!

Head of Department
Prof. as. dr. Mark Marku

Scientific board and organizing council of the conference:
Prof. dr. Artan Fuga
Prof. as. dr. Mark Marku
Prof. as. dr. Gentiana Skura
Prof. as. dr. Ramë Buja
Dr. Hasan Saliu
Dr. Etleva Londo
Ma. Loreta Zela