CPTI 2024 winter program starts with ‘’Project planning’’ training

22 February 2024
The Winter Program of QAPI 2024 begins with the "Project Planning" training

Today, the first training within the 2024 winter program of the Center for Professional Training and Innovation (QAPI) has begun. The topic of the training was “Planning of projects” which was delivered by Ilirjana Geci, Erëza Mehmeti and Qëndresa Kukaj where members of the academic staff of AAB College participated.

This training included the stages of a project, initiating the project, identifying needs, defining the main goal and objectives of the project, etc.

Among other things, the practical part was developed through working in groups who compiled a project while defining the activities and timing of the project.

At the end, the summary of the first day of the training and the results achieved by the engagement of the participants was implemented.