“Criminal Law” by Vjosa Jonuzi-Shala, published and promoted by AAB Publishing House

24 October 2019

The book “Criminal Law” by author Vjosa Jonuzi-Shala, published by AAB Publishing House, was promoted amongst a dozen of other books in the AAB 2019 Autumn Book Fair.

In his address at this promotion, the Dean of the Faculty of Public Administration, Prof. Dr. Petrit Bushi described this book as a complete university book that lacks nothing:

“This is a university book that has gone through many filters to become what it is: a book that gives you more scientific information. What is special is that the book itself is organized and adapted to the Criminal Code of 2019 of the Republic of Kosovo; all we have to do is transfer it in the most accessible way to generations to come.”

The author of the book Prof. Dr Vjosa Jonuzi-Shala, focusing her speech on the axis of the book’s treatment, spoke about the role of the Criminal Code at the state level.

“The Criminal Codes are laws that do not change every five years. Since 2004 we have had three criminal codes. The Criminal Code as such should prove state stability, it is a synonym for stability that is unfortunately missing, as, on average, every five years we issue new codes that do not change substantially, whilst in Western countries the criminal codes have been the same for years.”

The interest of the participants, who were students and professionals of this field, was high during this promotion, and they used this opportunity to ask questions about the newly published book.