“Days of the Faculty of Mass Communication” began with film of student Diana Gjinovci

16 May 2019

With the screening of the documentary film by Diana Gjinovci, student of the Production program, today at the Chamber Theater of AAB College, began the activities of the “Days of the Faculty of Mass Communication”.

In this documentary Diana worked as a producer, saying that the realization of this project was not easy by any means, but the lessons and experience gained during her studies helped a lot.

“Working in this documentary was not easy, in order to make a documentary of this magnitude you have to work hard. Mr. Ullmar was a person who helped us a lot in this project too, and the team was very cooperative. I want to thank AAB College because studies during this period were a great professional preparation for me” she said.

On this occasion, Dean of the Faculty of Mass Communication, Resul Sinani added that during the screening of this documentary, students had the opportunity to get to know the figure of Ullmar Qvick, which according to him, every student of journalism should be familiar with. “This documentary gave students the opportunity to see the work of their colleague, who has been part of the documentary team, but also acquainted them with a very important personality in the field of albanology, a person who has devoted his life to the culture of Albanian language and the nation “said Sinani.

Meanwhile, Vice-Dean Burbuqe Berisha said that the production director, Diana Gjinovci, has done a good job at the beginning of her professional career with the realization of the film. The Mass Communication students who participated during the screening of this documentary also congratulated their colleague Diana Gjinovci for the work done in the realization of this documentary.