26 January 2021

At the initiative of the students of the Faculty of English Language, the Debate Club was founded, which aims to be a group of the most distinguished students in order to develop public speaking skills through the activities that will be organized.

During the opening of the Debate Club’s inaugural session, the Dean of the Faculty of English, Aida Alla, congratulated the students on their initiative. Such debate clubs help students better their public speaking skills, guide them to be more open-minded, and enable them to use arguments structured and based on credible sources, she explained.

The student, Artiola Kajtazi, was elected coordinator of this club.

The founding session of the club was followed by the organization of its first activity. The first topic was “Does money bring success”, which was directed by Prof. Mirsad Suhodolli.

Participants were divided into two groups: pros and cons, in front of a jury panel composed of faculty members, and both groups were asked to present reasons to support their arguments. As they exchanged views, the students raised important questions such as:

– What is classified as success?

– How do one’s ideals and values affect the way one perceives success?

– What should be considered when classifying something as “successful”?

The judges observed the discussion for 90 minutes. The judges then gave their input and informed the students about their performance. At the end of the discussion, the judges concluded that the results were equal for both teams until the next debate.