December 3, Disability Day marked at AAB College

3 December 2021

AAB College, in cooperation with the Kosovo Disability Forum has organized the event “AAB Talks: Motivational stories about disability”, to mark December 3, International Day of Disability.

In this event, the Rector of AAB College, Mr. Bujar Demjaha and the President of the Kosovo Disability Forum, Mr. Bujar Kadriu signed the Cooperation Agreement between these two institutions. This agreement aims to advance the position of students with disabilities in higher education in Kosovo.

As part of the event, three motivational stories were unveiled by three select speakers.

Mrs. Sebahate Beqiri recounted her perspective as a mother and her efforts to turn the challenge of disability into a mission and cause.

Mr. Rinor Gashi, drawing from his personal experiences, talked about disability as a lifestyle, not a tragedy.

Mr. Labeat Fejza, from his perspective as a colleague, shared with the public how his worldview on people with disabilities has changed, from the usual doubts and prejudices, to where “disability” doesn’t affect his view of a person.

This event conveyed the important message that disability is multifaceted and does not determine what you can aim for or achieve in life.