“Dinner crumbs” – Macedonia

20 October 2017

Wound or war between life and death? What is the real life?! What is the key to reaching the happiness of life? Is love or hatred what makes us lose the relationship with the time given to us as a gift, to live or not to live this life? These are some of the questions we have been trying to raise during the time that “fairy tales” will take place under the name of “DINNER CRUMBS”! “Crumbs collection”, which we tried to pass through the “rules” of Arrabal theater – a theater of rudeness through which we have tried to break down the rudeness of what we are trying to understand as a time process in which we must develop what we call life!
By staging the “Dinner crumbs” show, the Albanian Theater – Skopje, gives its contribution to the affirmation and scenic realization of contemporary national literature. The fable of this provocative chamber work, in which brutality and mildness are interwoven, is the metaphysical presentation of life after death – the encounter of a man and a woman whose love has never been crowned with common life.
The “Dinner crumbs”, which was criticized as an “act of honor for love”, was celebrated in the competition of Albanian dramaturgy performances at the traditional “Flame of Talia” Festival as the best show of the festival.


Time of the show: 20:00, 20 October 2017
Author: Refet Abazi
Director: Qëndrim Rijani
Performers: Luran Ahmeti, Armenis Nokshiqi Jovanovska
Production: Teatri Shqiptar Shkup