“Discover America” presents the “Bridge USA/ Work and Travel” Program to AAB College Students

15 December 2022

“Discover America”, which is one of the partners of AAB College, has introduced the “Bridge USA/ Work and Travel” program for students, which offers the opportunity to work and travel in the USA in a certain period of time. The director of “Discover America”, Agron Kamberi, showed the reasons why AAB College students should become part of the program. He said that this program enables them to experience American culture and life, improving English language, have unique experience in the most beautiful places in the USA, have 3-4 months of work experience in an American company and many other benefits.

In the end, he said that the students will receive a certificate for completing this program, while adding that any student can apply, it is enough to have an average knowledge of the English language.

During the presentation, a large number of AAB College students participated, who at the same time had questions about the procedures to be followed and the criteria to be met.