Discussion held in AAB College about the role and importance of empowering human capital in a knowledge-based economy

15 April 2019

Given the role of intellectual capital, which is becoming the focus of the knowledge-based economy, AAB College’s Faculty of Economics organized a roundtable discussion with relevant field experts. The purpose of this roundtable was to discuss the current situation and opportunities for developing and empowering human capital in Kosovo through quality education, inclusive education, employment opportunities and career development and advancement.

The opening of this discussion was made by the Prorector of AAB College Prof. Dr. Shemsedin Vehapi who among other things said that organized events such as this fit the didactic concept that is implemented at AAB College. “While in talks with the two heads of the Economic Chambers of Kosovo and Macedonia we have found support in strengthening the links between AAB College and businesses so that the programs that will be accredited in the future will be in line with the labor market requirements “Said Vehapi.

Meanwhile, the President of the Economic Chamber of North Macedonia, Nehbi Hoxha, emphasized the importance of intellectual capital formation. He said that academic institutions should pay attention to quality education towards meeting the needs for adequate skills for the labor market. Hoxha also added that students should always pursue the search for knowledge and innovations, as students are the most important resource in the economy.

Further in this discussion, the President of Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Berat Rrukiqi emphasized that Kosovo is on the right path for the possibility of opening new jobs.


Dean of the Faculty of Economics at AAB College, Prof. Dr. Shaip Bytyqi, Prof. Besime Zyberaj and the Chair of the Young Economist Club at AAB, student Hana Kastrati also contributed to this roundtable discussion on the role and importance of human capital in the economy.