19 November 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has created the need for radical change in many areas of our lives, with an emphasis on the digital transformation of activities. This technological revolution that we are experiencing has also affected education which is now being carried out remotely in almost every educational institution from pre-school to higher education institutions.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo organized a forum called “Innovation in Teaching”.

Invited in this forum were AAB College’s Vice-Rector for cooperation and international relations, Prof. Ass. Dr. Venera Llunji and the director of the American School in Kosovo, Brian Kissman.

During this meeting, Vice-Rector Llunji, discussed some of the major problems that higher education institutions are facing in this process of evolution and innovations that has been imposed on us because of a globalized environment and rapid change. Also part of this discussion was the main factors and the main departments that should be improved in the educational institutions in Kosovo and in particular in higher education.

In this discussion, the issue of the teacher / student relations and what the most effective methods in achieving goals in this process are, both for the teacher and the student was also addressed.

“The education system is one of the main pillars upon which the development of a nation is based, therefore special attention should be paid to the updating of education systems, teaching methodology and relevance of subjects”, was the conclusion of this virtual debate.