7 December 2016

Dear colleagues,

The Board of the AAB University has decided to start the publication of a scientific review of international character titled Thesis Kosova.

In the capacity of its editor-in-chief and its editorial office, I am addressing you with the sincerest collegial respect to be one of its respected collaborators. Any cooperation with the review will be recompensed in the most proper possible manner. The review will be able to survive, in our opinion, by means of scientific contributions in your respective fields of studies, through which Kosova could be identified and well-known, such as, for example, are history and statehood, economy, legal life, culture, sports, language, literature, habits and tradition, in short, everything identifying our Kosovar society, but naturally, not exclusively it alone.

On this occasion, I find it appropriate to thank publicly, in the name of the founder of the review, its editorial office and my personal name, the members of the International Editorial Board who honored us by accepting to be part of this important and challenging project of the AAB University. I have no doubt at all that they will also assist us with their scientific contribution in realization of this project with utmost success.

Today, for the first time, you are having in your hands the periodic review Thesis Kosova of the AAB University, which is starting its life by pretending to be an authentic scientific review. Our review will be published four times a year in the Albanian and English languages in parallel. We are aware that this is a challenging objective.

We will also try to continually publish scientific research works in the fields of knowledge called social sciences and humanities. Its first edition is, let us call it thematic, as in some way it is related to historical and state identity of Kosova.

The works published in this edition are classified according to their respective historical, political, linguistic, media and arts fields.

These will not be the preferred fields of the editorial office of Thesis Kosova. The respective fields will be dictated by your works provided for publication. It means that the scientific workers that will choose our review to cooperate with will be able to dictate them, naturally within the fields that will, as said above, be called social sciences and humanities.

AAB University and the editorial office of the review do not have any special preferences, but they are ready to cultivate scientific and art disciplines that are lectured in the University.

The order of the published works in this first edition does not mean anything else but what was dictated by the practice and vision of the editorial office of the review Thesis Kosova in dealing with the issues related to Kosova. This does not mean that it is closed to the broad spectrum of topics belonging to the sciences mentioned above.

Hoping for our mutual productive cooperation, please accept my kindest regards.

Prishtina, 12 December 2008.

Prof. Dr. Masar Stavileci