8 December 2016

The International Scientific and Research Review “Thesis”, started by AAB Institution for University Education, with its ISSN, and which, for technical reasons, was not published for a short period of time, continues with the publication of new editions starting with this edition.

The Review will be titled short as “Thesis”, starting from this edition. Reasons for shortening its title are of entirely practical nature.

The Review “Thesis” will continue publishing interesting research and scientific themes by the associates who upon their good will, cooperate with us for our and their Review.
Dear readers, this new edition of the year 2012, will offer different topics from different fields: justice, mass communication, literature, ideography and economy, in both Albanian and English language, while the authors’ identities are shown at the end of the first pages of the respective works.

There are four different works completed by different authors in the field of law. Titles of these works will be offered in this editorial.

Mirlinda Batalli, opens the series of this “Thesis” edition with her work on the reforms in public administration in our country.

Her colleague, Rexhep Gashi, writes about the position of sentenced persons in Albania and types of prisons and labor camps during the period of dictatorship.

The author Fatmir Qollakaj deals in his work with the issues of organized crime in the northern part of Kosova, as an influential factor for political processes.

The author Florian Dushi writes about the alienation of the Parliament as an instituion.

In the field of massive communication, author Hasan Saliu deals with the influence and the role exerted and played by the Serb propaganda, regarding the Dick Marty’s report.

In the field of literature and literary studies, Olimbi Velaj, an author from Albania, deals with the wall inclosure ballads in the Albanian studies.
In the field of ideography, Venera Llunji makes a comparative analysis of several approaches and common points that arise in two discourse books written and published by two Albanian authors in two different periods of time.

There are three works published in the field of science of economy:
Vjollca V. Hasani deals with the issue of globalization and development taking into consideration the case of Kosova.

The third and last work in this field is the work of Refik Kryeziu titled “The Banking and Credit System and its influence in the Economic Development”.

Pages which separate languages of the published works in this Review, offer few instructions, on the technical part, for the authors who wish to publish their works in our Research Review “Thesis”. It is emphasized, among other instructions, that every author who writes for our Research Review “Thesis”should, for practical reading reasons, respect the University of Chicago writing style.

Masar Stavileci,
Editor in Chief