8 December 2016

The article which opens the new volume of the scientific journal “Thesis” is the translation of the work by the famous French scholar of the twentieth century, Raymond Aaron, from French into English; an interesting study of the voluminous book titled “Stages of Sociological Thought” addressing the role and sociological contribution of Montesquieu, the philosopher of the Enlightenment century.  Because of the length of this study, it will be published into two parts.

From the legal and international relations, the journal consists of two scientific articles: Samet Dalipi addresses the evolution and the development of relations between Kosovo and the U.S. in an article titled: “From the Human Rights toward Independence.” And, Vjosa Jonuzi –Shala addresses the aspect of penal rules and regulations in her work titled “Codification Process and the New Penal Code in the Republic of Kosovo”.

In the area of communication, the journal has three topics, which deal with the problems of media studies, society inclusion in media and international mass communication studies.

Jonila Godole addresses the topic of the journalist’s profession titled “Typology of the Albanian journalist today”.  The topic on the country’s international image, particularly image of Kosovo, is addressed by Hasan Saliu in his work titled “Country’s image, Communication actors and Educational exchanges.”

 Sami Neza deals with current crisis and the media, particularly the print media, in his article titled “Ownership, the reason for newspaper crises in Albania”. The increases of television offers, on the one hand, and the ease of television product message, on the other hand, are the subject of authors  Donika Sallova and Vehbi Miftari, in their article: “The Media influence on Albanian Society”.

Two other articles address topics from the field of education. Venera Llunji deals with “The challenges of Adult Education in Kosovo”, and the other topic deals with sports education in schools, entitled: “Adaptive cognitive dimension and maladaptive behavioral dimension as motivating factors in school achievement”, by Anita Zenuni and Shemsedin Vehapi.

The topic which concludes this edition deals with urban problems of Kosovo’s capital. It is entitled: “Integration of Prishtina through mobility as an indicator – the case of ‘Calabria’ Neighborhood”, addressed by Elvida Pallaska.

In this volume, too, the Journal’s Editorial Board has taken into account the diversity of the topics offered by authors. 

Prof. Dr. Masar Stavileci,