12 December 2016

The article which opens the latest edition of the Scientific Journal THESIS, published by the University Educational Institution AAB University, is the continuation of a translation into Albanian from the original French work of the famous French scholar of the twentieth century Raymond Aron, It is an interesting study of the voluminous book titled “The Stages of Sociological Thought” regarding the sociological role and contribution of the positivist of the nineteenth century, Auguste Comte. Due to the length of this study, it is published in two separate editions.

The Following paper off, Aida Alla “Legal – Diplomatic Language: Stylistic analysis of “Convention on Cluster Munitions” it addresses the issue of translation of legal documents which, lately, is given special attention, with a focus on one of most sensitive genres, international conventions. The paper analyses the text of the United Nation Convention on Cluster Munitions in English (the original) and the translated version in Albanian.

The author Vjosa Jonuzi – Shala, treats the impact of foreign terms in the Penal Code and Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Kosovo. The paper is about the impact of globalization and numerous terms that have been used, some of which have entered as borrowings, some are used as barbarisms, while there is no harmonization of these terms with the Kosovo criminal norm.

Teuta Agaj addresses the mistakes that students of English language make in using adverbial clauses of time. The adverbial clauses of time are highly complicated and create confusion. According to the author, based on the great number of the adverbial clauses of time, on the meanings that they convey as well as on the manner how the meaning is expressed, this paper will concentrate on mistakes that students of English Language make when using adverbial clauses of time. It will focus on the structure of the adverbial clauses of time, as well as their use.

 Author Ramadan Çipuri in his paper entitled “Reasons of Self-censorship landscape for journalists”, sheds light on the main reasons that lead journalists towards self-censorship. He provides answers to research questions: How do censorship and self-censorship act among journalists?; What are the factors that influence and support them?; What are the consequences of self-censorship among journalists and media workers?

Donik Sallova addresses the so-called issue of Kosovo identity. The author argues that “ Kosovar identity” as the “New national identity of Kosova” is more an artificial construction that ignores the historical and political circumstances of Kosovo Albanians towards independence, than a real natural identity aspiration of the people of Kosovo. 

Albert Baraku, in his paper “ Ownership transformation – privatization in Gjakova municipality”, touches the period 1990 – 1999, when disturbance and major economic and political turmoils began.

The author Baki Rexhepi, “Small family Business –  guarantor of economic and social development”, addresses the importance of these businesses and the economic growth of Kosovo. According to the author, Family businesses are more focused, more responsible, and they care for the community. They focus on long-term business success and continue to invest in the business, even when recorded the satisfactory results.

The next volume of the journal will be published in autumn. However, prior this, we will publish the thematic volume of the International Conference on Communication and Media Studies” ICCMS,  co-organized with AAB as part of our annual manifestation of Days of the AAB University.


Masar Stavileci,