Dr. Ismail Nizam from the International University of Malaya holds lecture for students of the Faculty of Economics

30 December 2021

Following the activities of the Faculty of Economics to bring international professors who will share with our students the experiences and best international practices related to economic phenomena, recently there was a special lecture on “Digitalization and banks” with Dr. Ismail Nizam, Senior Lecturer, International University Malaya – Wales.

During this lecture, students majoring in Banking, Finance and Accounting, as well as Management and Informatics, had the opportunity to hear what impact digitalization has had and will have on banking services in the world. Among other things, Dr. Ismail Nizam highlighted the main benefits of digitalization, such as the ease of providing services by banks, better financial reports and better relationships with customers.

At the end of the discussion, prof. Nizam testified through empirical evidence that the digitalization of banking services in the time of the pandemic was the savior of a deeper financial crisis.