Dr. Valon Murtezaj from IESEG School holds lecture for students of AAB College

2 May 2019

AAB College’s Faculty of Economics and Public Administration organized open lectures on the topic “Negotiation and conflict management in the globalized world”, where guest speaker, Dr. Valon Murtezaj, lecturer at the prestigious school IESEG School of Management in Paris, France, shared his experiences on the matter.

In this lecture, important topics were discussed within the area of ​​negotiation and conflict management.

Professor Murtezaj said that conflicts are life facts, while the reasons for negotiating in the world are for different interests and that the generation of options during a negotiation is a precursor to success in each negotiation process. One advice, among many, given in the lecture regarding conflicts and negotiation processes was that ignoring the history of conflicts causes negotiating processes to fail.

Trends in the globalized world we live in, conflicts and international crises, ways of addressing and resolving them and the skills needed for negotiating processes to address these situations were some of the aspects that aroused tremendous interest and constructive discussion by students and professors present in the lecture.

During the discussion of important topics, like the negotiation and conflict management and the capacity to offer useful options to challenges which humanity faces today, Murtezaj said that he will use the constructive feedback from AAB students and staff.