Drin Demiri, journalism graduate at AAB College, now a journalist of Klan Kosova

15 November 2018

Drin Demiri has graduated from the Faculty of Mass Communication and Journalism at AAB College. Immediately after graduation, he began his internship as a young journalist at Klan Kosova Television.

Drin’s exemplary performance as a student at AAB College paved his way to one day becoming a fully-fledged journalist.

Drin attributes his achievements to the institution where he completed his studies. He stated that the Mass Communication and Journalism faculty at AAB College facilitates and improves the chances of students to become part of Kosovo’s labor market.

“The decision to study Mass Communication and Journalism at AAB College was definitely the right one as far as my future is concerned. The support from the professors and the time spent studying at AAB College has helped me find a job in today’s chaotic labor market.” said Drin Demiri.

The Mass Communications and Journalism faculty of AAB College has a handpicked pedagogical staff that comes from both within and without Kosovo, with many years of scientific, academic and practical experience.

Around 90% of the students that graduate from the faculty of Mass Communication and Journalism at AAB College have found employment as of today.