During World Poetry Day AAB College promotes book “Poem for Natasha” by Romanian author Ion Deaconescu

22 March 2019

Poetry lovers, literary scholars, academic staff and students participated in the cultural manifestation of the International Poetry Day in AAB College, where the book “Poem for Natasha” by Romanian author, Ion Deaconescu, was promoted. This book was translated in Albanian by Baki Ymeri.

In his speech, the rector of AAB College, Lulzim Tafa, said that a book like this entirely devoted to the author’s wife, Natasha, is a book that addresses universal topics and that the author’s experiences expressed in poetry do not fail to inspire.

Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports in Kosovo, Leonora Morina Bunjaku praised the work of author Ion Deaconescu very highy. She also thanked and commended AAB College for marking this important day for literature.

“Poem for Natasha” is a hymn to love, and to pain that is caused by decline of beauty. What is most unique and important is that these experiences can reach anyone through poetry as the universal language of the soul.” said scholar Bujar Tafa.

Dr.Hasan Saliu, compared the work of Deaconesce to that of Franz Kafka’s. He said that Deaconesce’s verse encourages us to think of love, pain, emotion, magnificence, beauty, but also ugliness.

On the other hand, the director of the International Writers’ Association “Pjetër Bogdani”, Jeton Kelmendi, in cooperation with AAB College, stressed that events such as the promotion of this book are always welcomed.

Romanian writer Ion Deaconescu was also awarded the “Dardanika” Prize, by the International Writers’ Association “Pjetër Bogdani”.

Deaconescu expressed his appreciation for the award and for College AAB, who was host to the promotion of his newest book.